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#summerofwriting, End of Week 1: Slow Start, Not No Start

I really want to post about ALL THE WRITING I did this week, but I can’t. Because I got distracted.

  1. First, I jumped head-first into a proposal for a new project at work. I don’t regret this, because I think it’s a really good project, but still — that was, all in, about 2000 non-writing-related words I committed to paper. But I’ve done all I can reasonably do on it until some other wheels start to move (keep your fingers crossed for me as it’s a really good idea!), so I’m trying to put it to the back of my mind.
  2. Meetings. Many meetings. Too many meetings. My brain went to a lot of meetings.
  3. Reference letter season! Hundreds of words on reference letters. I want you all to succeed, darling students, but damn.
  4. Then, we decided we’d plan to rent a cottage somewhere for a week in August. Did you know that researching cottages is Way. More. Fun. than writing conference papers or my book? I have looked at dozens and dozens of cottages. (Speaking of which, if you have a lead on a  small and cozy Sunshine Coast / Bowen Island cottage that is overlooking the water, is cat-friendly, and has reliable wifi, for god sakes let me know in the comments, would you?)

But the whole point of blogging is accountability, right? And next week is a whole new week that I haven’t completely wasted yet. To be fair, I didn’t completely waste this one (I did well on the blogging front, submitting two posts to Book Riot and one to Food Riot, and I did write 600 words for one of my conference papers), but I do have to get my head in the game, pronto.

Me in week 2. Honest.

Me in week 2. Honest.


2 Responses to “#summerofwriting, End of Week 1: Slow Start, Not No Start”

  1. There should definitely be a limit of how many non-writerly words we allow ourselves to write in a week. (I just wrote 19 words to comment on this post. But I feel pretty good about them.)

    Posted by Didactic Pirate | May 8, 2014, 8:54 am
    • I think there should be some great life-total of words to write, regardless of subject, and when you reach it they give you a pension and a puppy and a cupcake.

      Posted by dr. b | May 8, 2014, 9:48 am

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