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better late than never

A bit behind schedule on the Monday post this week — apologies.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this ProfHacker post about teaching evening classes when you are not yourself a night person.  My classes don’t go as late at the author of that post (almost to the start of The Daily Show?! are you kidding me?!) and I’m blessed with a very short walking commute home from work, but I still find evening classes difficult.  I am, after all, keen to get into my pyjamas shortly after dinner (or occasionally before).  This semester coming up, I’m additionally concerned about how to structure my time because I’ll be teaching classes from 8 am Monday and Wednesday, and then switching gears to a night class on Thursday and back to a noon-3 slot on Friday.  It’s going to make for a strange schedule in terms of getting my own work done, so I’ve been reading up on strategies for managing the time.

One thing I intend to do a better job of this year is thinking about the placement of course material within the class time.  My night class is a children’s literature course, so saving some of the more animated topics for the end of class could be a useful strategy.  I’m thinking something along the lines of lecture/content delivery for the first hour, small group activities for the second, and full class discuss for the last.

Those of you who teach night classes on the regular, what advice do you have?  (Especially if you’re a morning person at heart!)


2 Responses to “better late than never”

  1. I’ve taught night classes…and I think your plan is a very good one.

    I used to be a night person–most of my best creative work was done after sundown into the early wee hours, and teaching a night course was fun, especially when it meant I could walk up the street to the Exchecquer for a nightcap.

    Then I had kids–kids who get up at 5:30am. Now I go to bed at 9, and the thought of teaching from 6-9pm makes me want to weep. Luckily, I make the schedule…

    Good luck–like I said, I think your plan for the class period is a good one. You might also consider a small break (but then you have to yell at the stragglers…) because if you’re drinking Coke to stay awake (and some of your students will be), you’ll probably need to visit the head.

    Posted by Mamalayne | July 12, 2011, 11:47 am
  2. I’ll be curious to hear how it goes. I find students are usually toast by the end of the second hour, at my urban state university. I save the last 40 for an excellent and relevant video or film

    Posted by Susana | December 8, 2011, 11:08 pm

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