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friday five #13: all about food

I’ve been reading a lot of food blogs this week.  I think I’ve just been in a foody state of procrastination this week, and funny, well-written food prose has been my go-to.  (Also assisted by having some truly remarkable food this week, including an amazing brisket/garlic mash soft taco last night.  I know how weird that sounds, but it was amazing.)  Here are some of my favourite reads this week:


  • Portland, Maine’s From Away is a great read generally, but I’m especially taken with the America! Presents series where the blogger walks us through some of the deepest horrors of the frozen food section.  Delightful reviews that make you go, “Well, okay, that sounds revolting, but could a stuffed pretzel really be so bad?”  (We’re all healthy-and-everything-from-scratch around here these days, and my parents were when I was growing up, too, but in the intervening undergraduate years I developed a deep abiding love for frozen bizarreness.  And I miss it.)
  • Smitten Kitchen, as most amateur cooks with a passion for the internet know, is the business.  The recipes on Smitten Kitchen always just work, and the food photography is delightful.
  • Jamie Oliver’s TED Talk was all about teaching children about food so they can grow up with the tools to make educated choices about food and health.  (He won a TED Prize for his One Wish to assault a cultural ignorance about food.)
  • Serious Eats is running their A Sandwich a Day feature which, if you love sandwiches as I do, is just a marvellous thing indeed.
  • And Todd and Diane over at White on Rice?  They take the most incredible food photos ever.  Prepare your drool napkin before clicking.




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