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some personal thoughts about Jian Ghomeshi, #jianghomeshi, and presumptions of innocence

When I was nine, Jian Ghomeshi was the first boy who ever kissed me. That used to be the start of a super-cute story about my life-long love affair with the CBC and Canadian culture, and thanks to the events of last week it now sounds like a headline in the Toronto Star. And it […]

tales of life in the teaching lane

I'm a doctor, but, like, not that kind of doctor. I'm a recent PhD (Canadian Literature) starting my first teaching job in a brand new city on the other side of a really large country. I study pop culture, September 11th, gender stuff, and contemporary American and Canadian fiction. My major scholarly passion, though, is the pedagogy of undergraduate literature and composition. In real life, I like terrible television, Dr. Drew, Nintendo, avoiding exercise, and cooking elaborately. I'm married and I have two cats who completely run the show. My favourite isms include femin-, athe-, human-, patriot-, and popul-.